About Mrs B

Bags of Happiness.

Ive been sewing as long as I can remember. I like to create things I like and use myself.

My items are all handmade, designed and made by me in my own workshop...although I mostly use hand drafted patterns, no two are ever the same colour or trim. I do not outsource my design or sewing to anyone else. My prices are based on the cost of raw materials so sometimes bags in the same pattern vary slightly in price.

I mix traditional tweeds from the UK & Ireland, mostly Harris Tweed and Donegal Tweed although I also use Tweed sourced in Yorkshire, Scotland, Isle of Man & Wales, with bright, modern, contemporary or quirky vintage, fabric linings, which are usually, but not always, 100% cotton.

I keep my margins low, buying direct from weavers where possible. I'm not looking to make millions so I don't scrimp on materials, always using a generous seam allowance double sewn. Most of my fittings are metal and sourced in the UK where possible.

Patterns are hand drafted by me. Most of my down time I spend motorcycling in the Scottish Highlands and visiting my grandchildren in Inverness so patterns are named for some of my favourite places. Bags without names are completely one of a kind designs.

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